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Proppants Coating Technology

Proppants Coating Technology

Each grain – Perfectly coated

Each grain – Perfectly coated
Each grain – Perfectly coated
  • Sand and Ceramic Proppants Coating Plants
  • Proppants Mixers for 450kg and 1000kg batch sizes
  • Sand Heaters for 450kg and 1000kg batch sizes
  • Adjustable Dosing Units (velocity + volume)
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Installation & Training
  • After Sales Service

The heart of the system - WEBAC PROPPANTS MIXER

Webac Proppants Mixer
Webac Proppants Mixer

With over 50 years of R&D and proven in-market experience, Webac has accumulated superior technological know-how in ceramic and sand coating processes. Our experience enables us to offer flexible ways to meet specific customer requirements with our range of Webac Mixers.

The heart of any coating plant is the Proppants Mixer to perfectly mix and activate the raw materials with the pre-dosed chemicals. This determines the required quality of the coated proppants.

The significant advantage of the Webac Proppants Mixer is that it effectively transfers the energetic power from the two mixing wheels into the coating of each proppant grain. The outcome is superior overall resin distribution and desired thin coating levels. Simply stirring is not enough!

Adjusting the mixer speed and the coating pressure to the proppants ensures the best coating results.

Advantages of mixing with Webac’s optimal energetic power transfer

  • Highest coating efficacy
  • Stability in properties and melting points
  • Homogeneous coating of the required thinness with highest stability
    (up to 15% more compared to competitor mixers)

Advantages of cool air blowing through the bottom of the Webac Mixer into the proppants mix

  • Less quench water to control the reaction of resin system
  • Reduction of batch time beyond the peak-bond and B-stage
  • Dedusting the proppants

For your coating trials and to optimize your mix recipe Webac offers a small laboratory mixer with all the advantages of a full size mixer.



To guarantee optimum chemical reactions the highest quality technical standards are essential.

An important precondition for a 1st class coating is a homogeneous temperature of the raw material.

The Webac Sandheater heats the sand to the required temperature within the exact cycle time and uniformly distributes the heat to the sand batch.

The steel housing of the Webac Sandheater is insolated to ensure uniform sand temperature and to save heating costs.

Each sand grain passing the gas flame is uniformly heated and retains its heat during the processing cycle due to a specially designed protection plate that enables additional heat transfer to the grain.